Glow Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in 20 Minutes! Guaranteed Results!

Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth. Our teeth whitening systems are safe, effective and very fast and are performed professionally.

Demand for professional teeth whitening is booming! Most people want to look and feel good about themselves and having a white, bright smile can uplift one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.


Unfortunately, most products and services are too expensive for the average, hard working person costing upward of $500-$600! Other over the counter products, while less expensive, can take days or weeks to works with minimal effects.

The Glow Teeth Whitening procedure is cosmetic and removes stains from healthy teeth. We use a Carbamide-Peroxide based gel for the bleaching process. Other ingredients include Glycerin, 2-Propylene glycol and d-Limonene. These ingredients are non toxic. Sensitivity is very rare, although cannot be fully ruled out due to people’s individual allergies, teeth health, etc. Most people with healthy teeth and gums will experience no discomfort from the whitening process.

**From personal experience, I was never able to use any of the “at home whitening strips” that you can purchase at any pharmacy due to sensitivity problems. I couldn’t even use them for one full day without having my teeth become extremely sensitive and painful. I am excited to say that I had absolutely no sensitivity issues with the Glow Teeth Whitening procedure. Clients of mine who have had similar experiences in the past with the at home strips, or even with the take-home kits from their dentist, also experienced absolutely no sensitivity from this whitening process. **

During the procedure

The procedure itself lasts twenty minutes. You will be sitting in a semi-reclined position to allow for balance between maximum comfort and safety. Once you have made your teeth impression in the mouthpiece, we will apply the gel to the mouthpiece. You will then place it back in your mouth and we will align the Luma lamp (LED) to shine on your mouthpiece. Keeping your lips open will allow for the maximum effectiveness of the Luma lamp and ensure you get the maximum effect out of the whitening process. The mouthpiece will remain in place naturally with minimal effort.

Aftercare & Followup

For best results, for a minimum of 24 hours after the whitening process avoid consuming coffee, tea, dark colored soda, red wine, berries, candy, red sauces, beets, chocolate or any other foods that have a tendency to stain your teeth. Avoid smoking for at least a couple hours, the longer the better.

Any slight swelling or blanching of the gums is common and normal. This is lessened as we use a zinc based lip balm and vitamin E oil on the gums prior to the procedure. This is a temporary reaction and should disappear within 2-3 hours. Slight tingling of the gums is possible and normal and should disappear within 30-60 min. If you experience any of these reactions for longer than the times given please contact us and see a doctor as it may be due to a very rare allergic reaction. We want to ensure that our procedure is safe and that our clients are not at risk. If you experience any adverse reaction, please advise us so that we may apprise the manufacturer.