Meet the Herbalist

Meet the Herbalist

Trisha is a practicing Clinical Herbal Practitioner… in botanical medicine and integrated health care. She runs Healthy Way Healing, a natural health practice in Brandon, MB.

She is a graduate of the 4 year Clinical Herbal Therapist course of the Dominion Herbal College in Burnaby, BC and has worked in the natural health industry for a number of years.

Her passion for herbal medicine began when she was a young teen, living and working on her parent’s organic herb farm – Coleman Coulee Herb Farm – in western Manitoba. Her family believed in organically grown herbs, grains and vegetables to promote a healthy way of life and was at the forefront of growing organic herbal crops in Manitoba.

Philosophy of Practice:

As a Clinical Herbalist, I take a more holistic approach to health care and combine a sound understanding of medical science and the chemical composition of plants with time honored traditional experience and knowledge of herbal medicine. My therapeutic protocols incorporate customized and personalized herbal remedies, orthomolecular nutrition, exercise, and guidance for a healthy diet and lifestyle to restore balance and obtain a higher level of health. I believe in an integrated approach to health care and that herbal medicine has a place alongside conventional medicine in restoring health and preventing illness. My main objective is to empower my clients with knowledge which enables them to make educated decisions, so they can begin to take charge of their own health.

Member of Professional Associations

The Ontario Herbalists Association